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  • They laughed at the DOJ’s e-book antitrust case against Apple

    Philip Elmer-DeWitt wrote for Fortune on the United States Department of Justice’s e-book antitrust case against Apple. Roger Parloff on the hearing: “Judges Jacobs and Lohier seemed quite concerned that Judge Cote had used the wrong standard, but Jacobs’s qualms clearly went much further—seeming to question the government’s judgment in ever having brought the case. […]

  • Literary lions unite in protest over Amazon’s e-book tactics

    The New York Times reported on literary lions uniting in protest over Amazon’s e-book tactics. “Sons of Wichita” by Daniel Schulman, a writer for Mother Jones magazine, came out in May. Amazon initially discounted the book, a well-received biography of the conservative Koch brothers, by 10 percent, according to a price-tracking service. Now it does […]

  • Amazon wrongly cites George Orwell

    The New York Times wrote about Amazon’s letter to readers in its Readers United campaign. Amazon wrote that George Orwell was against paperback format: The famous author George Orwell came out publicly and said about the new paperback format, if ‘publishers had any sense, they would combine against them and suppress them.’ Yes, George Orwell […]

  • 18 months of research to switch to e-books ended in a disaster

    Independent.ie reports on how a school’s switch to e-books had a disastrous end. Students experienced problems such as tablets failing to switch on, tablets spontaneously going into sleep mode, devices looping while performing automatic repairs, system board failures and issues with wi-fi. Principal Gleeson said it was “an informed decision” to choose the HP Elite […]