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  • iCloud.com gets a redesign

    Apple gave us a glimpse of its iCloud.com redesign last month, and now the redesign is officially available to everybody. The new dashboard view feels a lot more useful than the previous design, and you can tell that there have been some subtle refinements. Apple will need to continue to refine and improve its web […]

  • There Should Be an iCloud Keychain App

    Michael Tsai: Bradley Chambers: The problem with managing passwords on iOS and macOS at the moment is the functions are scattered around. Some of the syncing happens on in the backend with no way to quickly see (especially on iOS). A prime example of this is the syncing of Wi-Fi passwords. It’s easy to remove […]

  • Operations of Apple’s iCloud services in China are about to be transferred to a company in Guizhou

    TechNode reported that operations of Apple’s iCloud services in China are about to be transferred to a company in Guizhou. In November, Apple has been accused of relying on students working illegal overtime to build the iPhone X, through Foxconn, which manufactures the devices in Zhengzhou. This is completely unrelated to the transfer of iCloud’s service […]

  • Benefits of iCloud in China

    Manton Reece wrote about the Dropbox, iCloud, and GitHub on the iPad. The trend to new iCloud-first apps like Ulysses and Bear is fine. It doesn’t appeal to me, though. I use Ulysses on the Mac because I can sync with Dropbox. There are so many Dropbox-capable iOS text editors that I feel confident using […]

  • Can Dropbox fend off its competitors?

    When Dropbox founder Drew Houston met with Steve Jobs in 2009 to talk about Dropbox, Houston famously shut down Jobs’ approach to buy the file-sharing service. According to a report from Forbes in 2011, Jobs let Houston know that he was making something of a mistake banking on Dropbox’s service to sustain a company, telling […]

  • Significance of iCloud

    John Gruber wrote an excellent piece on the importance and impact of iCloud. David Auerbach on Slate suggested that we should not trust iCloud with our data: Whether or not this particular vulnerability was used to gather some of the photos — Apple is not commenting, as usual, but the ubiquity and popularity of Apple’s […]

  • iCloud Photo Library

    While there were plenty of goodies to take away from WWDC, one announcement announcement in particular had me dancing for joy – iCloud Photo Library. If there was one major aspect of iOS that needed improving, it was photo management capabilities. Whether you’re an iPhoto user or not, managing photos on the iPhone is a […]

  • Mailbox app now supports iCloud and Yahoo Mail

    The good news is that the popular email app Mailbox now supports iCloud and Yahoo Mail, so the app isn’t restricted to Gmail users any longer. There isn’t any indication that support for traditional IMAP email clients is arriving anytime soon, though. Mailbox: now for iCloud and Yahoo Mail Today we’re thrilled to announce we’ve […]

  • iCloud limits increased

    iCloud: My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing limits There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to My Photo Stream over time, but iCloud limits the number of photos that can be uploaded within a given hour, day, or month to prevent unintended or excessive use. Seems like Apple is […]

  • Overview of iCloud Keychain

    Jon Brodkin gives a good overview of iCloud Keychain. It is a very good read to understand the function, and limitations, of iCloud Keychain. However, Brodkin needs to manage his expectations. You get what you paid for. But in almost every other way, iCloud Keychain falls short of the functionality one expects from a paid […]