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  • A Billion iPhone Users

    Above Avalon: A billion people now have iPhones. According to my estimate, Apple surpassed the billion iPhone users milestone last month. Thirteen years after going on sale, the iPhone remains the perennial most popular and best-selling smartphone. Competitors continue to either shamelessly copy iPhone or, at a minimum, be heavily influenced by the iPhone. Looking […]

  • Camo Beta

    Michael Tsai: Reincubate (tweet, via Joe Cieplinski): Want to look your best on video calls? The camera on your iPhone or iPad is leagues ahead of any webcam on the market, and Camo makes it easy to use your iPhone as a webcam. iPhone cameras are getting better whilst webcams get worse. As the Wall […]

  • Students are failing AP tests because the College Board can’t handle iPhone photos

    The Verge: Bryner is among the many high school students around the country who completed Advanced Placement tests online last week but were unable to submit them at the end. The culprit: image formats. A screenshot of the AP testing portal informing a student that they weren’t able to submit their responses. Screenshot: College Board […]

  • Apple sold less iPhones but generated more revenue

    Jason Snell charted the Apple Q1 2018 earnings. Clickbait articles will make a fuss about less iPhones sold. And many people will think it’s a sign that the iPhone X was a flop. Let’s look at the figures. Year-over-year iPhone unit sales decreased by around 1% but revenue increased 6%. Doesn’t that mean that the […]

  • Apple’s Q1 2017 Results

    John Gruber commented on Apple’s Q1 2017 Results. Year-over-year unit sale changes, from Apple’s data summary: iPhone up to 78.3 million from 74.8 million. iPad down to 13.1 million from 16.1 million. Mac up slightly, to 5.4 million from 5.3 million. “Services” are up significantly, percentage-wise, to $7.2 billion in revenue, from $6.1 billion a […]

  • What I learned about my iPhone after switching to the Google Pixel

    Khoi Vinh wrote about what he learned about my iPhone after switching to the Google Pixel. I also discovered something interesting about Google’s much vaunted strength in services: sometimes it’s no better than Apple’s. As an iTunes Match user, I’ve long bemoaned Apple’s inability to make automatic syncing of my music library between devices truly […]

  • What Super Mario Run would look like as a free to play game

    Pocket Gamer on what Super Mario Run would look like as a free to play game. “Why can’t it be free?” you ask a random passerby on the street. “Pokemon GO was free, so why isn’t Mario?” you scream, while angrily jabbing your finger at a Starbucks employee. Many don’t realise free games aren’t exactly […]

  • Quick Charging Would Be Great

    The Pixel charges via USB-C, and uses USB-PD (Power Direct) to pull a whopping 7 hours of battery life in fifteen minutes from its 18W charger when starting with a near-dead smartphone. (USB-PD, like most quick-charging solutions, scales down the power draw depending on how badly your smartphone is hurting for battery life.) Combine that […]

  • The iPhone S years

    John Gruber on the Daring Fireball about the iPhones 6S. The glaring downside to this tick-tock schedule is that we as a culture — and particularly the media, both on the tech/gadgetry side and the business side — are obsessed with “new”. And, well, the S-model iPhones don’t look new. This year there is a […]

  • Apple’s iPhone keeps going its own way

    Farhan Manjoo wrote on the New York Times about how Apple’s iPhone keeps going its own way. You can expect Apple’s proportion to grow. As analysts at Credit Suisse explained in a note last week, only about 30 percent of the world’s 400 million iPhone users have upgraded to the large-screen models Apple introduced last […]