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  • Jury finds Apple not liable of harming consumers in iTunes DRM case

    The Verge reported on Apple being cleared in the iTunes DRM case. Delivering a unanimous verdict today, the group said Apple’s iTunes 7.0, released in the fall of 2006, was a “genuine product improvement,” meaning that new features (though importantly increased security) were good for consumers. Plaintiffs in the case unsuccessfully argued that those features […]

  • Removing the free U2 album from Apple

    One of the last things that Apple did during the iPhone 6 and iWatch event was give away a free U2 album to every iTunes users out there – whether you wanted to or not. Depending on which side of the fence you’re on, you’re probably overjoyed at the freebie, or appalled that Apple can […]

  • iTunes and streaming

    If you’re used to listening to music on Winamp or Foobar2000, iTunes will often feel pretty bloated. It’s great as a music library, but with increased competition from streaming services such as Spotify, Rdio and Pandora, it’ll be interesting to see if iTunes can evolve fast enough to fend off these new challengers. Stephen Hackett […]

  • The iTunes empire

    Horace Dediu writes on how big iTunes is. On a yearly basis iTunes/Software/Services is nearly half of Google’s core business and growing slightly faster. The iTunes “empire” of content and services would be ranked as number 130 in the Fortune 500 ranking of companies (slightly below Alcoa and above Eli Lilly).

  • iTunes store shows fatal error, locking users out

    If you’re having trouble logging into your iTunes account and noticing an error stating “FATAL::Unable to process your request. Please try again.”, fret not as you’re not the only one experiencing this issue. While Apple hasn’t given any official details on this just yet, the issue does seem to go away over time, possibly indicating […]