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  • LG Electronics sees 80 percent drop in fourth-quarter profit

    Reuters reported that LG Electronics expects an 80 percent drop in fourth-quarter profit; analysts point to thinning TV margins. South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc said on Tuesday its fourth-quarter operating profit likely plummeted 80 percent from the same period a year earlier, falling well below analyst expectations. Remember when Apple revised their estimates for the […]

  • How the value trap squeezes Windows PC makers’ revenues and profits

    The Guardian discusses the impact of the value trap on Windows PC makers. The problem for Windows PC makers is that they are caught in the “value trap”. Even as prices are being forced down by commoditisation and slumping demand, they have no obvious way to capture any of the money that a consumer who […]

  • LG Chromebase

    I thought the 256 GB on my MacBook Pro is measly. The LG Chromebase beat that with just 16 GB of storage.

  • LG tracking viewer habits with its Smart TVs

    A user claims that his LG Smart TV is sending his viewing information to LG. He found an LG video pitching to potential advertisers: LG Smart Ad analyses users favourite programs, online behaviour, search keywords and other information to offer relevant ads to target audiences. For example, LG Smart Ad can feature sharp suits to […]

  • A curved iPhone?

    Despite Samsung and LG recently introducing phones with curved displays, I remain highly doubtful that Apple will introduce an iPhone with a curved display anytime soon, if ever. Aside from showcasing the technology for curved displays, there still isn’t any real practical use for a curved phone. A curved display would make much more sense […]

  • The Nexus 5 still has an underperforming camera

    I switched from an iPhone 5 to the Google Nexus 4 nearly a year ago, and by far the only major complaint I had was the camera. It’s really disappointing to see that Google still hasn’t fixed it in the Nexus 5. Nexus 5 review Let me just reiterate this point: in the right light, […]