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  • LINE Shopping launched in Malaysia and Indonesia

    We brought your attention to LINE recently, notably when the popular Asian messaging system hit the 300 million user milestone. The company isn’t intent on resting on its laurels, and has just launched LINE Shopping in Malaysia today. The launch of LINE Shopping in Indonesia at the end of November was quite successful, collecting about […]

  • WeChat’s first 5 games hit 570 million downloads in 3 months

    The Next Web reports that the first 5 games for Tencent’s WeChat messaging app has 570 million downloads since August. Compare it with LINE to better understand what a feat this is. LINE boasts of more than 30 games but only managed to cross the 200 million game download mark in September. Earlier, Chinese phone […]

  • LINE’s 300 million users will be a problem for WhatsApp

    WhatsApp had an early start in the mobile messaging game, but it’s refusal (or delay) to support desktop messaging or stickers might come back to haunt it. If WhatApp doesn’t take some massive action soon, it runs the risk of being left behind in the wake of newer messaging systems from Asia. Line has 300 […]

  • LINE passes the 300 million user mark, aims for 500 million in 2014

    Line is a major player in the mobile messaging space in Asia and is one of the leading companies to popularize the sales of messaging stickers. While stickers, or emoticons as we used to call them, might sound insignificant, the fact that Line is pulling in over $10 million a month just from sticker sales […]

  • Line positioned to dominate mobile messaging in Asia

    Line may not be as popular in western countries, but it’s extremely popular in Asia. Along with other players such as WeChat and Kakao, mobile messaging in Asia is a huge opportunity, and Line is well positioned to seize it. Messaging App Line Now Brings In Nearly $100M A Quarter, But No Official Word On […]