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  • Stage Manager in macOS 13.0 Ventura

    John Voorhees: When Stage Manager is set up and running the way I want, it’s fantastic. The trouble is the ‘set up’ part. The feature is simply too laborious to set up, and some of its interactions are an over-caffeinated mess. Stage Manager feels awesome and tidies up the clutter on the desktop. As someone […]

  • Dropbox on Ventura

    Peter Steinberger: The new Dropbox version for macOS Ventura is absolute garbage. fileproviderd is eating my CPU alive, files are no longer really on disk so QuickLook and some apps fail, etc. How did this ship, even as beta? I ditched Dropbox sometime back after having too many problems with it. I used OneDrive alongside […]

  • Search in Messages.app

    Michael Tsai: It doesn’t work very well in iOS 13, either. Many times, I’ll type the exact text that appears in the app, and it won’t find it. So I mostly just scroll and read. A long time ago, I reverse-engineered the transcript file format for EagleFiler, so that’s how I search older messages. Unlike […]

  • How to Restart the Touch Bar

    Michael Tsai: The Terminal commands are: sudo pkill TouchBarServersudo killall ControlStrip Useful commands. I killed TouchBarServer and ControlStrip via Activity Monitor. I had issues when I first used my MacBook Pro. Three times in the past five months, though they seem to have disappeared after a recent macOS update.