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  • How secure is your messaging app?

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation rates the security of messaging apps. I’d like to see WeChat and LINE on the chart.

  • What’s the point of audio messages?

    David Sparks wrote about the point of audio messages in iMessages. Now that we’ve all been using iOS 8 awhile how big of a thing is the ability to send a recording of your voice via iMessages? I’ve done it once for the sole purpose of demonstrating how it works. I thought it may be […]

  • Facebook to disable messaging in main iOS app

    9to5Mac reported that Facebook will be disabling messaging in its main iOS app this week. Users will have to download its Messenger app. This might be a good thing for those of us who are trying to spend less time on Facebook. Personally, I tend to get distracted by Facebook when I have to go […]

  • Facebook Slingshot

    The Verge writes about Facebook’s Slingshot app. In Snapchat or any other messaging app, you can view a message as soon as you receive it. But in Slingshot, you can’t view an incoming “shot” until you send a shot back to the sender. “It’s not just about telling your story, it’s about asking others for […]

  • Facebook Slingshot is another jab at Snapchat

    Facebook takes another stab at ephemeral messaging. It’s interesting how most messaging systems are moving towards this. Even iMessage and Path are following that direction to a certain degree. Facebook’s Slingshot does take a slightly different approach since you’ll need to reply with a photo before you can see what was sent to you. That […]

  • Four numbers that explain why Facebook acquired WhatsApp

    Sequoia Capital gives an insight on why Facebook bought WhatsApp. Two numbers stand out for me. One. WhatsApp has one focus: messaging. This discipline is reflected in WhatsApp’s unconventional approach to business. After one year of free use, the service costs $1 per year — with no SMS charges. This can save users trapped in […]

  • Snapchat for text messaging

    It’s often said that Snapchat is a popular tool for sexting, but regardless of whether you agree with that or not, there is no doubt that Snapchat is popular. The next question people should ask is “what about text messaging?” After the Edward Snowden leaks, there has been increased interest in private messaging, but as […]

  • Instagram Direct lets you share your photos and videos privately

    Instagram has announced Instagram Direct, its new feature to allow users to send private photos and video messages. I mentioned two weeks ago about the increasing rumours about an Instagram messaging service, and Instagram has finally unveiled the feature. Over the past three years, the Instagram community has grown to over 150 million people capturing […]

  • CyanogenMod defaults to encrypted text messaging

    Thanks to Edward Snowden, encrypted messaging has been increasingly in demand. While there are already solutions out there like iMessage, the effectiveness of it is still debatable. There are also other independant solutions being developed, such as Hemlis. Now CyanogenMod is going to give users a hand too. It has teamed up with Open Whisper […]

  • Twitter’s little experiments to boost engagement

    WIRED.com reports that Twitter is making tweaks to its interface to encourage users to communicate with each other. The main thing I’ve found using the new version is that the way you send and receive direct messages, see what your friends are up to, and take part in public conversations are all lot more obvious. […]