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  • European Commission fines Google €4.34 billion for illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices

    The European Commission released a statement on fining Google €4.34 billion for illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices to strengthen dominance of Google’s search engine. The European Commission has fined Google €4.34 billion for breaching EU antitrust rules. Since 2011, Google has imposed illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators to cement […]

  • Samsung’s mobile profits plunge 64.2% after Apple’s iPhone 6 devastates premium Galaxy sales

    AppleInsider reported on Samsung’s mobile profits plunging 64.2%. Samsung Electronics reported overall Q4 operating profits of 5.29 trillion won ($4.9 billion)—a 36 percent year-over-year drop—but its Mobile division suffered a 64.2 percent drop in profits, falling from $5 billion in the year ago quarter to $1.8 billion in the December quarter. How does that affect […]

  • Mobile leverage

    Benedict Evans on mobile leverage. Personal: First, they are not shared and they are personal. Of those 1.6-1.7 bn PCs, a little over half are consumer devices, and a large proportion of those are shared. The others are owned by companies, and at the very least they’re restricted in what you can do with them […]

  • Foursquare and Swarm

    It’s 2014, and the unbundling of mobile apps continues. “The simple story with Swarm is that this is an app that has just four basic screens in it, and it’s the fastest and easiest way to keep up and meet up with your friends,” Crowley says. The app benefits from technology enhancements that were impossible […]

  • Mobile industry commit to anti-theft kill switch

    Ars Technica reports on the mobile industry committing to introduce anti-theft kill switches to their devices. Remote wipe the authorized user’s data (i.e., erase personal info that is added after purchase such as contacts, photos, emails, etc.) that is on the smartphone in the event it is lost or stolen. Render the smartphone inoperable to […]

  • iOS dominates enterprise market in Q4 2013

    MacRumors reports on the iOS domination of mobile device activations in Q4 2013. 73% of all enterprise mobile device activations: iOS devices accounted for 73 percent of all enterprise mobile device activations and grabbed the top ten spots for most popular devices in the fourth quarter of 2013, reports Good Technology in its Mobility Index […]

  • Apple and Samsung dominate mobile profits

    Investors.com reported on the mobile market in Q4 of 2013. Apple and Samsung continue to soak up all the industry’s profits, McCourt says. Apple claimed 87.4% of phone earnings before interest and taxes in the fourth quarter, he said. Samsung took in 32.2% of industry profits. Because their combined earnings were higher than the industry’s […]

  • Can Kik displace the current messaging giants?

    Despite the messaging wars still being in its infancy, it was common to see other messaging apps like Kik and PingChat a few years ago. Nowadays despite WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat and many others dominating, Kik is still very much in the game and worth keeping an eye on . Forget Snapchat and WhatsApp […]

  • LINE’s 300 million users will be a problem for WhatsApp

    WhatsApp had an early start in the mobile messaging game, but it’s refusal (or delay) to support desktop messaging or stickers might come back to haunt it. If WhatApp doesn’t take some massive action soon, it runs the risk of being left behind in the wake of newer messaging systems from Asia. Line has 300 […]

  • Line positioned to dominate mobile messaging in Asia

    Line may not be as popular in western countries, but it’s extremely popular in Asia. Along with other players such as WeChat and Kakao, mobile messaging in Asia is a huge opportunity, and Line is well positioned to seize it. Messaging App Line Now Brings In Nearly $100M A Quarter, But No Official Word On […]