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  • Motorola boss counters criticism from Apple’s Jony Ive

    BBC reported on Motorola boss countering criticism from Apple’s Jony Ive. Sir Jonathan specifically asked the New Yorker magazine not to name the company he had been “scathing about”, but a campaign launched by Motorola in late 2013 matches the description he gave. “Their value proposition was, ‘Make it whatever you want. You can choose […]

  • Unlocking your phone with a digital tattoo

    Engadget reported about the new NFC skin tag from Motorola that lets you unlock your phone by tapping on the tattoo. VivaLnk is asking $10 for packs of 10 tattoos, or enough to last 50 days — you’ll have to spend $80 to get through a whole year. How is this going to be more […]

  • Motorola’s Project Ara modular phone inching closer to reality

    Back in October, the modular Project Ara phone caused quite a stir. The concept of a modular phone which will allow users to upgrade different parts of the phone is certainly attractive. While it was more akin to a concept back then, it now seems that Motorola is actually putting some serious effort into the […]

  • Moto G reviewed. King of budget phones?

    In Asia and other emerging markets, it’s common to see many cheap Android phones being sold. Considering that they’re usually a mix of a low-end display, underpowered processor, a tiny bit of RAM, it’s no suprise that the user experience is often horrible. At $179, the Google-owned Motorola is continuing Google’s initative to offer decent […]

  • Moto X’s sales disappoint: 500,000 devices sold so far

    The Wall Street Journal reports on the disappointing sales of Moto X. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, roughly 500,000 Moto X phones were sold in the third quarter, after the phone was released in August. By comparison, Samsung said it sold more than 10 million Galaxy S4 phones within a month of its April […]