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  • Google’s Nexus phones are just ads

    The Verge reported on Google’s Nexus phones being just ads. It almost seems innocuous, except that it’s not. There isn’t a single Android device manufacturer that is happy with the Nexus program, and I’ve spoken with them all. Those who build Nexuses for Google often do so reluctantly — with the possible exception of Huawei […]

  • Android 4.4.1 to fix the Nexus 5 camera

    While the Nexus 5 is a good device, its main weakness is it’s problematic camera. With the Android 4.4.1 update, which should be rolling out in the next few days, hopefully the frustrating issues such as slow focusing will be resolved. On a personal level, I hope that such improvements and fixes cascade down to […]

  • Nexus phones vulnerable to SMS attack

    It’s a little surprising that this attack seems to only work on Nexus devices, since phone manufacturers should theoretically be taking similar stock ROMs that the Nexus devices use and customize it from there. Of course, this attack has not been tested on all the major phones out there yet, so it’s possible that it […]

  • New Nexus Wireless Charger reviewed

    As an owner of the LG WCP-300 wireless charger myself, which I use with my Nexus 4, I must say that I love wireless charging. It’s a feature that is very underrated. The Nexus Wireless Charger (2013) The charger itself is stylish enough to keep out when you’re not actually charging something, though the glossy […]

  • This week’s must-reads: Apple Maps, Bill Gates, The one Coin, and more

    It’s been an interesting week. Aside from officially launching BakingPixel today, we’re also compiling the most interesting and popular posts from this week for you. Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 review: Unapologetically content-driven People buy the Kindle to consume content. It is no surprise that Amazon makes it the focus of the Kindle Fire HDX. Why […]

  • Nexus 5 is the best Android device

    Steve Kovach of Business Insider reviews the Nexus 5. Either way, the Nexus 5 is the perfect device if you want to make sure you always have the best Google has to offer with Android. It might not be much to look at, but it’s the best device you can own if you care about […]

  • Android 4.4 KitKat images for suported Nexus devices released

    If you’re an owner of a Nexus 4, 7, or 10, and are impatient, the good news is that Google has released the official factory images for those devices. Do bear in mind that the downside of flashing these factory images, instead of waiting for an over-the-air (OTA) update from Google, is that your device […]

  • The Nexus 5’s “exclusive” launcher works on other devices

    Ars Technica reports about the Nexus 5’s “exclusive” launcher being available on other Android devices through a workaround. Late yesterday, a new version of Google Search hit the Play Store for everyone running Android 4.1 and higher—Google Search version 3.1. All the Google Home code was completely intact, meaning that Google just shipped its new […]