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  • Microsoft posts record loss as it writes down Nokia

    Reuters reported on Microsoft’s record loss as it writes down Nokia. Microsoft Corp reported a $3.2 billion quarterly net loss, its biggest ever, as the company wrote down its Nokia phone business and demand fell for its Windows operating system. No big deal. It’s just $3.2 billion loss. I mean, look at Apple, they are […]

  • Gartner: Windows Phone to beat iPhone by 2015 (thanks to Nokia)

    John Gruber shared an amusing claim chowder of the day. Grartner predicted back in 2011: Imagine a world where Windows Phone is more popular than Apple’s iPhone. That may just sound like Steve Ballmer’s fantasy, but a recent Gartner report claims that it may very well happen by 2015, thanks to a boost from Nokia […]

  • Stephen Elop’s Nokia

    Om Malik on Stephen Elop being allowed to stay on. The very fact that a middling executive could be brought on for a turnaround of Nokia, and compete with the iPhone/Android onslaught with absolutely zero turnaround experience was one of those decisions that has confounded me and I continue to blame the Nokia board for […]

  • Microsoft leadership

    Ben Brooks wrote about Microsoft’s mobile strategy. My criticism isn’t the easy play that they are firing 12,500 Nokia employees after claiming to be mobile first — it’s that they made these announcements too close together without laying out their strategy going forward clear enough. 1 And that is a problem of the worst kind: […]

  • HTC Android devices banned in Germany for infringing Nokia patents

    Android Central reports that HTC Android devices have been banned for sale in Germany for infringing Nokia patents. This comes after HTC’s lawsuit wins in the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom. The patent does not apply on HTC devices alone. Other Android devices that has the Android Beam function will be considered […]

  • Will Microsoft use Windows RT or Android for low end devices?

    Rumors of an Android-powered Nokia phone have been going around for years now, and while there hasn’t been a mass market version of it yet, you can be assured there are at least some Android-powered devices being tested internally by Nokia. There was a loud outcry back when Stephen Elop decided that Nokia would use […]

  • Mobile wars: Microsoft predicted to overtake Apple in 3 years

    Not every prediction comes true, but one of the more daring claims has surfaced from a Forbes article. According to the writer, Microsoft will be able to surpass Apple on the mobile scene in 3 years. If that does become a reality, it will be no easy feat as Apple is currently riding high with […]

  • HTC One escapes UK ban despite infringing Nokia patent, HTC One Mini banned

    The Verge reports that HTC One has escaped from a sales ban in the UK, despite being found to infringe on a Nokia patent. HTC appealed against a ban on the HTC One and succeeded. Arguing against a sales ban, HTC had insisted that an injunction — especially during the holidays — would be “catastrophic” […]

  • Nokia begins its long road to recovery

    With much of it sold to Microsoft, Nokia will probably never be the same again. The next chapter in the Finnish company’s history will depend on how well it can reinvent itself. Nokia, Once The World’s Biggest Mobile-Phone Maker, Is Planning The Next Bounceback Nokia is also keen to talk up its other two businesses. […]

  • iPhone 5s and Nokia Lumia 1020 cameras compared

    Laptop Mag compared the two cameras side by side. The iPhone 5s conclusively beat the Nokia Lumia 1020 in our photo face-off, taking seven out of 10 rounds–and tying one. Even after updating the Lumia 1020′s camera software, which reduced issues with the blue color cast on many images, colors were still more accurate on […]