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  • There Should Be an iCloud Keychain App

    Michael Tsai: Bradley Chambers: The problem with managing passwords on iOS and macOS at the moment is the functions are scattered around. Some of the syncing happens on in the backend with no way to quickly see (especially on iOS). A prime example of this is the syncing of Wi-Fi passwords. It’s easy to remove […]

  • Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords unencrypted

    Kurt Wagner reported for Recode that Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords unencrypted. Facebook first announced late last month that it had stored hundreds of millions of user passwords unencrypted on its servers, a massive security problem. At the time, it said that “tens of thousands” of Instagram passwords were also stored in this way. […]

  • Android password manager vulnerability unpatched after almost two years

    Ars Technica reported on Android password managers being wide open to sniffing attacks. Almost two years later, the threat remains viable in at least some, if not all, of the apps originally analyzed. An app recently made available on Google Play, for instance, has no trouble divining the passwords managed by LastPass, one of the […]

  • Cupid Media Dating Website hack exposes 42 million plaintext passwords

    With reports of security breaches becoming increasingly common, it’s pretty insane (and downright irresponsible) to store user passwords in plaintext. On related security news, GitHub has also been resetting passwords for many user accounts as there has been a significant account hijack attack launched on the site. Hack of Cupid Media dating website exposes 42 […]