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  • Dirty PR tactics used by Qualcomm

    Jack Nicas reported for The New York Times about how Facebook’s PR firm brought political trickery to tech. While working for Qualcomm, Definers pushed the idea that Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, was a viable presidential candidate in 2020, according to a former Definers employee and digital records. Presumably, it was an attempt to […]

  • Qualcomm caught off guard by Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor

    A common barb thrown at Apple is that the company uses outdated hardware and sells them at premium prices. If you look at things like the Retina Display, TouchID, and many more, you’ll know that the statement isn’t true. We recently confirmed that Qualcomm should be offering 64-bit chips in the second half of 2014, […]

  • Qualcomm introduces 64-bit chips with integrated LTE

    When Apple unveiled its 64-bit A7 processor, Qualcomm’s Chief Marketing Officer gave its PR team a huge headache by saying that 64-bit on mobile was a marketing gimmick and offered no benefit to the end user. Unsurprisingly, he was removed from the leadership team and reassigned. Of course, there is a certain amount of truth […]

  • Qualcomm Toq smartwatch wants you to cut the strap

    Does Qualcomm seriously expect every new owner to manually cut the watch strap in order to make it fit? If the user dosn’t cut it at the correct length, it can’t be undone. To make matters worse, the band itself contains electronics, so you won’t be able to just go and purchase a random watch […]