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  • It’s time to admit Apple Watch is a success

    Rene Ritchie wrote about the unfair treatment of Apple Watch by the tech community. One of the hits on Apple Watch is that Apple doesn’t break out numbers for the product the way they do for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Many companies provide no numbers on any products, Amazon being a prime example. Yet that […]

  • Two weeks with the Apple Watch

    I wrote on my blog about my thoughts on Apple Watch after two weeks with it. The most common comment I come across is how people worry about the watch’s battery. Battery life: Battery life information can be relegated to a glance instead of occupying a space on the watch face. It’s not turned on […]

  • A week without the Apple Watch

    Lee Paterson wrote on waitingtoDownload about his week without the Apple Watch. My first full work day without my watch was an interesting one, I found myself looking down to check the time on my wrist rather than my phone. It’s a habit that developed quickly once I started to wear a watch again and […]

  • Bubble Cloud Widget + Wear brings a stylish launcher to Android Wear

    Android Central reported on Bubble Cloud Widget + Wear. Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to Smartwatches, but at times getting to the app you need quickly can be a hassle in Android Wear. Bubble Cloud Widgets + Wear is a launcher that brings you gorgeous icons for all of your […]

  • Apple Watch and James Bond watches

    John Gruber wrote about Apple Watch and James Bond watches. Look at this Pulsar from Moore’s first Bond movie, 1973’s Live and Let Die. It had a red LED display that, to preserve battery life, only turned on to display the time when you pressed a button. (Hold that thought.) And then there’s this gem […]

  • Samsung executive delighted that Apple followed them

    CNBC reported on Samsung executive expressing delight at Apple following them into the smartwatch market. “Great competitors offer great things to consumers and the fact that there are so many great competitors in this space mean that there is absolutely a market. I mean, that’s what it tells you,” Rory O’Neill, the vice-president for mobile […]

  • Android Wear ads

    Android Wear’s new advertisement tells you nothing about the device. Unless hand-tutting is something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybg5klCxQGA Compare that with Apple Watch ads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ql0Z8Il73s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPpMeRCG1WQ

  • Pebble Time is not a serious Apple Watch competitor

    Apple World Today reported on why Pebble Time is not a serious Apple Watch competitor. A much nicer display: Pebble says the new Time will have a “…1.25-inch color e-paper display”. No word on the resolution of that display. Apple Watch will have a Retina display (meaning 300 pixels or more per inch). A Force […]

  • Why Swiss smartwatches have no chance against the Apple Watch

    Quartz reported on Swiss smartwatches chances against the Apple Watch. It is possible, we suppose, that Tag Heuer could somehow teach itself to become the world’s foremost wrist-computer company—and leapfrog Apple—by next year. But that seems extremely unlikely. Apple didn’t just take a heritage watch case, add a screen, and shove in a microchip and […]

  • Two scenarios for the smartwatch market

    Creative Strategies wrote about two possible scenarios for the smartwatch market. Scenario #1 – like MP3 players where Apple dominates market share Apple will easily strongly influence the smart watch category in 2015 and 2016. It is hard to argue against Apple’s vertical advantage and tight control of their entire ecosystem. This advantage undoubtedly will […]