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  • TAG Heuer and the future of the luxury watch industry

    Matt Richman wrote about the TAG Heuer smartwatch. TAG Heuer’s smartwatch won’t sell. There’s no market for it. Apple Watch requires pairing with an iPhone, and TAG’s smartwatch will need to pair with a smartphone to even have a chance of being as feature-rich as Apple Watch. Apple isn’t going to re-engineer iOS for TAG’s […]

  • What is Apple Watch

    Matt Gemell shared his thoughts on the Apple Watch. It’s important to understand what Watch is, and why it’s interesting. Apple isn’t pursuing the tech consumer crowd with this product, and that’s unprecedented for the company. Before iPhone, there were two kinds of mobile phones: regular ones, and so-called smartphones. The latter were business tools, […]

  • Apple Watch hands-on: the wristwatch just caught up to the 21st century

    ABlogtoWatch wrote about the Apple Watch. The reaction to the Apple Watch among the watch community has been interesting, but not unexpected. In further discussion of how smartwatches will effect the watch industry I asked the question of how screwed the watch industry is because of the Apple Watch here. Aside from denying it “watch […]

  • Apple Watch’s real purpose

    Kyle Baxter wrote about the Apple Watch. That is the reason we find ourselves, when we receive a message and pull out our phones to respond, often descending into a muscle memory check of our other iMessages, emails and Twitter stream. We pull out our phone for one purpose, like responding to a message or […]

  • New Pebble campaign

    Pebble launched a new branding campaign but shoots themselves in the foot by taking a swipe at Jony Ive. I have to agree with John Gruber: What gives me pause, though, is the “Breathe, Jony” headline. That seems a little petty. Personal, not playful.

  • Apple Watch – the smart watch for everyone

    Ben Thompson share more of his thoughts on the Apple Watch. This makes the Pebble sound a lot like a smartphone circa 2006. The thing is, though, the iPhone was never targeted at 2006-era smartphone users: it was targeted at everyone, and that meant it had to destroy our expectations of what a smartphone was […]

  • Samsung’s sixth smartwatch

    Android Central reported on the Samsung Gear S. So here we are with Samsung’s sixth — yes, a full half-dozen — smartwatch in a little more than the space of a year. To wit: The Samsung Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit, Gear Live and, now, the Gear S. That’s a whole […]

  • Looks by Dr Dre

    Khoi Vinh wrote about what Beats bring to Apple. On the design variations for a Beats headphone: These aren’t just four colorways, or simple variants on coloring the same materials. These are four distinctly different combinations of plastics types and manufacturing methods, some distinguished by color, others by texture, and one by some kind of […]

  • The power struggle between Google’s Android and Samsung’s Tizen

    AppleInsider wrote about the escalating hostilities between Google and Samsung. Disagreement over tablets: Back in 2010, Google similarly tried to stop Samsung from using Android 2.x to build a tablet clone of Apple’s iPad, insisting that its Android licensees wait until it could release Android 3.0 Honeycomb with features that promoted Google’s own vision for […]

  • Qualcomm Toq smartwatch wants you to cut the strap

    Does Qualcomm seriously expect every new owner to manually cut the watch strap in order to make it fit? If the user dosn’t cut it at the correct length, it can’t be undone. To make matters worse, the band itself contains electronics, so you won’t be able to just go and purchase a random watch […]