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  • Apple fires back at NSA iPhone spyware claims

    After the Snowden leaks regarding the scope of NSA’s spying efforts, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone to hear the recent claims that the NSA is able to install spyware on the iPhone via its DROPOUTJEEP program. Reports claim that the NSA currently needs physical access to the device in order to be able to […]

  • Did the RSA collaborate with the NSA for just $10 million?

    There are always two sides to a coin, but at this point, the RSA’s image is definitely going to take a beating. Whether it entered into such an agreement willingly or not doesn’t take away the fact that there are vulnerabilities in some of the current encryption standards. This is very disturbing indeed. Exclusive: Secret […]

  • U.S. Government may never know how much Edward Snowden stole

    Considering how much the NSA is currently spying, it’s a litle ironic that it wasn’t able to track Edward Snowden tightly enough when he was working for them to fully understand the amount of data taken by him. It’s been said that Snowden passed his entire trove of data to a small group of journalists, […]

  • Yahoo to join Google in encrypting traffic between data centers

    Google has already moved to get this in place, so it’s not surprising that Yahoo is following suit. The good news is that Microsoft seems to have plans to encrypt traffic between its data centers too. The race for privacy is on. Yahoo Will Follow Google In Encrypting Data Center Traffic, Customer Data Flow By […]

  • Lavabit fined $10,000 for delay in handing over SSL keys

    It’s clear that Lavabit is going to be collateral damage in the Snowden case, regardless of the fact whether the email system was as secure as advertised or not. US wants $10,000 from Lavabit owner for dodging order for Snowden’s email Levison was held in contempt of court and fined $5,000 for every day he […]