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  • Doug Menuez on Steve Jobs

    NextShark reported on Doug Menuez, the man who spent 3 years with Steve Jobs after he got fired from Apple. Menuez on entrepreneurship: I think there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening all over the world. There’s a whole new generation of young, hungry entrepreneurs and innovators coming and I wanna help inspire through sharing […]

  • Putting words in Steve Jobs’ mouth continues apace

    Macalope on BGR putting words in Steve Jobs’ mouth. BGR’s headline: “Here’s why Apple’s upcoming ‘iPad Pro’ will be a failure, according to Steve Jobs” So, does Boy Genius Report believe its own headline? Seem like it doesn’t. Strange that it’s the headline, then. The page title is “iPad Pro Specs Leak: 12.9-inch iPad may […]

  • Apple’s philosophy

    John Gruber wrote about the philosophy Steve Jobs brought to Apple. Jobs spoke of the approach he wanted to bring to Apple: One of the things I’ve always found is that you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure […]

  • The Nocera confusion

    John Gruber writes about the article by New York Times columnist Joe Nocera. Much like how Kane, in her piece back in February for The New Yorker’s website, tried to have it both ways regarding Scott Forstall — arguing that Apple Maps was “a fiasco” in the very next paragraph after arguing that Tim Cook […]

  • The day Microsoft gave up world domination and settled for relevance

    Waffle writes about the day Microsoft decided to give up wanting to dominate all platforms. Ballmer and Gates think losing the platform war, no longer being the largest and the no-one-ever-got-fired-for choice means the end of the Microsoft as we know it, and they may be right. But it’s the also the beginning of the […]

  • Some insights and history of the iPad

    How Steve Jobs Made the iPad Succeed When All Other Tablets Failed iPad is an incredible opportunity for developers to re-imagine every single category of desktop and web software there is. … The bottom line is, many apps which were cute toys on iPhone can become full-featured power tools on the iPad, making you forget […]