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  • Choosing an iPad model

    John Gruber wrote about the iPad Air 2. I’ve seen criticism that Apple now offers too many iPad models to choose from. The array of iPads for sale — three generations, two sizes, four storage tiers (16/32/64/128), and cellular-vs.Wi-Fi-only — is certainly not simple. But I don’t think it’s that tough for a would-be iPad […]

  • Apple’s new A8X powered iPad Air 2 smokes new Android tablets

    ApppleInsider reported on the performance of the iPad Air 2 compared to its competitors. New Geekbench processor benchmarks show Apple’s triple core, 64-bit A8X Application Processor is dramatically faster than the latest Android tablets, despite their additional cores and faster clock rates. Apple is outperforming the competition in the phones segment as well.

  • Samsung insanity

    Computerworld writes about the crazy number of different Samsung tablets in the market. By my count, Samsung has now announced 11 different Android tablets since the start of 2014 (and it’s entirely possible I’m forgetting a few). In the past five months alone, the company has launched the following devices: Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Galaxy […]

  • iOS dominates enterprise market in Q4 2013

    MacRumors reports on the iOS domination of mobile device activations in Q4 2013. 73% of all enterprise mobile device activations: iOS devices accounted for 73 percent of all enterprise mobile device activations and grabbed the top ten spots for most popular devices in the fourth quarter of 2013, reports Good Technology in its Mobility Index […]

  • Apple’s Tim Cook on the smartphone market

    WSJ.com interviews Tim Cook and asked him about the smartphone market. WSJ: Will the smartphone market follow the PC market, where Apple is a niche player? Cook: I don’t view it that way. There are several reasons. If you look back at the Mac/Windows battle that was going on at the time, you’d find that […]

  • Would the Intel IPAD have beaten the Apple iPad?

    Did Intel really have an opportunity to own the tablet market with its very own IPAD? Proabably not, but the article is definitely worth a read. INTEL’S MISSED “OPPORTUNITY” In short, it’s not that Intel missed on the opportunity to build a tablet. It’s that they never had a chance. The iPad – the Apple […]

  • Tablets tops the chart for viewing long videos

    Business Insider reports on the data published by Ooyala about video comsumption. Tablets have larger screens than smartphones and have the advantage of being portable unlike TVs.

  • Tablets to make up for nearly 50% of 2014 PC shipments

    ITPro reports that Canalys research predicts tablet sales to make up for almost half of the PC market in 2014. Tablets will out sell all other PC form factors combined next year, with forecasts suggesting 285 million units will ship in 2014. That’s according to analyst Canalys, who claim tablets will account for almost 50 […]

  • Should tablet apps cost more?

    There are universal apps, and there are also separate apps for the iPhone and iOS. While different businesses will take different approaches, it’s always important to plan for the future when pricing your app. Questions such as “why should screen size determine an app’s value” should be asked. The clearest example of this concept is […]

  • Samsung wins JD Power 2013 US Tablet Satisfaction Study

    Despite being the best in five out of six categories, the iPad’s score in the Cost category meant Samsung topped the study. I guess people don’t believe in paying for quality nowadays. JD Power 2013 US Tablet Satisfaction Study