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  • Is Uber’s rider database a sitting duck for hackers?

    Craig Timberg wrote for The Washington Post about Uber’s vulnerable database. Imagine further that there existed a database that collected daily travel information on such people with GPS-quality precision– where they went, when they went there and who else went to those same places at the same times. Now add that all this location data […]

  • Uber executive suggests digging up dirt on journalists

    BuzzFeed wrote about Uber executive Emil Michael suggesting that the company should dig up dirt on journalists who criticise Uber. By now, you probably have read about the comments by the Michael, the backlash and Uber’s response to the incident. If you haven’t, the following sums up what he said: Over dinner, he outlined the […]

  • Be a savvy Uber user

    Sometimes when you read stuff on the Internet, your first reaction is to think that some billion-dollar company scammed a poor user. So it’s no surprise to see that some folks are up in arms over this: Uber surprised a 26-year-old Baltimore woman with a spooky Halloween bill that hit $326 on a routine ride, […]

  • Uber releases new Uber Lost update

    Matthew Panzarino reports for TechCrunch about Uber’s new version of Uber Lost. The system is nothing complex, it just provides you with a simple list of your recent trips, with beginning and end points to help you figure out where you were when you lost the item. Each ride entry contains the driver’s name and […]

  • Uber might be more valuable than Facebook

    New York Mag reports that Uber might eventually be worth more than Facebook. Amazon grew from selling books alone to carrying a wide range of products by leveraging the warehouse and shipping infrastructure it had established. Likewise, Uber’s plan is to outgrow its car-service roots, and become, as investor Shervin Pishevar put it, “a digital […]