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  • The Bullshit Web

    Nick Heer wrote about The Bullshit Web. Great article. Must read if you are a web designer or web developer. We should be making full use of modern technology to make the web better, not load it with junk.

  • The Verge’s web sucks

    Les Orchard wrote about how The Verge’s web sucks. Wow. Devtools performed a second reload of the page to get an overall performance analysis. This time it downloaded 12MB – a little over 7MB in that is JavaScript! Just to put this in some rough perspective: Assuming I had a 1GB / month data plan, […]

  • Google wants to own .app, .blog, .cloud, .dev and .search domains

    Drew Crawford on Google’s attempt to own the .dev top-level domain. Let’s talk about a domain that’s near and dear to my heart, .dev. Wouldn’t it be great to have a domain for content targeted at software developers? So that you could actually get a domain name for www.[your-side-project].dev? Instead abusing the .io domain which […]

  • W3C – the group that rules the web

    Paul Ford wrote on The New Yorker about the group that rules the web. You might have read that, on October 28th, W3C officially recommended HTML5. And you might know that this has something to do with apps and the Web. The question is: Does this concern you? The answer, at least for citizens of […]

  • Misconceptions about Apple Pay

    John Gruber wrote a commentary on a WSJ article about the effect of apps on the web. Christopher Mims, writing in the WSJ:: Take that most essential of activities for e-commerce: accepting credit cards. When Amazon.com made its debut on the Web, it had to pay a few percentage points in transaction fees. But Apple […]