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  • Notion AI announced

    Notion has announced Notion AI, which is currently in Alpha. While there has been a lot of recent discussion of how AI and art can deal with the copyright challenges ahead, copywriting and other creative industries will soon face a similar challenge. Notion says that Notion AI will be free during the Alpha, but will […]

  • Baidu has built an AI cat shelter to care for strays

    TechNode reported that Baidu has built an AI cat shelter to care for strays. The shelter, which comes complete with toys, regular dispatches of food and water, and warm spaces to sleep, features feline facial recognition to grant access. It can also check its guests for various diseases and assess whether or not they’ve been […]

  • Facebook’s ’10 Year Challenge’ is harmless, or is it?

    Kate O’Neill reported for Wired about Facebook’s ’10 Year Challenge’. Through the Facebook meme, most people have been helpfully adding that context back in (“me in 2008 and me in 2018”) as well as further info, in many cases, about where and how the pic was taken (“2008 at University of Whatever, taken by Joe; […]