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  • Arm processors: Everything you need to know

    ZDNet: Apple Silicon is the phrase Apple presently uses to describe its own processor production, beginning last June with Apple’s announcement of the replacement of its x86 Mac processor line. In its place, in Mac laptop units that are reportedly already shipping, will be a new system-on-a-chip called A12Z, code-named “Bionic,” produced by Apple using…

  • Would the Intel IPAD have beaten the Apple iPad?

    Did Intel really have an opportunity to own the tablet market with its very own IPAD? Proabably not, but the article is definitely worth a read. INTEL’S MISSED “OPPORTUNITY” In short, it’s not that Intel missed on the opportunity to build a tablet. It’s that they never had a chance. The iPad – the Apple…

  • Google might ditch Intel and design its own chips

    The Verge reports that Google might be designing its own processor chips. Seems like Google is learning the importance of being in control of the production processor chip. Apple has control over the its chip architecture and iOS structure, hence it is able to optimise hardware and software for best performance.

  • FC Barcelona now comes with Intel Inside

    The Next Web reports that Intel and FC Barcelona have announced a partnership to make the latter one of the world’s most technologically advanced football clubs. “This is more than a sponsorship to Intel,” says Deborah Conrad, Intel’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The technology we are deploying and the programs we are working on together are…

  • 64-bit Android on Intel coming next year

    CNET reports on Android and Intel partnering to bring 64-bit to the platform. People who were saying 64-bit iOS being a useless gimmick are now gushing over 64-bit Android that might be out next year. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my 64-bit iPhone 5s.