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  • Microsoft, Past and Future

    John Gruber wrote about Microsoft’s past and future. What they missed was the next step from every desk and home: a computer in every pocket. It’s worse than that, though. They saw it coming, and they tried. Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile — swings and misses at the next big thing. They weren’t even […]

  • The day Microsoft gave up world domination and settled for relevance

    Waffle writes about the day Microsoft decided to give up wanting to dominate all platforms. Ballmer and Gates think losing the platform war, no longer being the largest and the no-one-ever-got-fired-for choice means the end of the Microsoft as we know it, and they may be right. But it’s the also the beginning of the […]

  • Steve Ballmer admits he was part of the problem at Microsoft

    The Wall Street Journal interviews Steve Ballmer about his exit from Microsoft. “Maybe I’m an emblem of an old era, and I have to move on,” the 57-year-old Mr. Ballmer says, pausing as his eyes well up. “As much as I love everything about what I’m doing,” he says, “the best way for Microsoft to […]

  • Steve Ballmer has made more than $1.7 billion since resigning

    Quartz reports on how Steve Ballmer profited from resigning as Microsoft CEO. Either way, the stock is up about 16% since Steve Ballmer announced he would step down on August 23. That means his 333,252,990 shares have appreciated by some $1.73 billion.