Most of us have had stuff confiscated by TSA agents before in the name of security. While it’s understandable that we don’t want a plane to blow up in the middle of the skies, the fact that folks are also able to build DIY guns based on stuff purchased after passing through security also shows the futility of such practices.

The TSA Is No Match For This Mad Scientist And His Gun Made With Junk From Airport Stores

He realized that airport stores sell lithium metal batteries, which, when combined with water, create a chemical reaction with enough heat to explode a bottle of Axe. This is what powers his “Blunderbussiness Class” shotgun, which he demonstrates shooting $1.33 in pocket change through a piece of drywall, as well as his “Fraguccino” thermos grenade. “Right now if I wanted to build something very potent, I would probably go toward lithium,” says Booth.