A simple computer that can be easily assembled and function as a introduction to computers. An ambitious project that I like. If the OLPC offers any insight, it’s that this won’t be easy to pull off. Still, it’s a good concept that I hope succeeds. The good news is that it has already reached its funding goal many times over, so step one is done.

Crowdfund this: the Kano computer you can build in 107 seconds

At its heart, Kano is essentially a Raspberry Pi kit but it goes further by providing a plug-and-play learning environment that anyone, including children as young as eight, can get up and running within minutes.

Asking for $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter, Kano is available as a kit for a $99 pledge, or for a $199 “get one, give one” pledge funders will get one for themselves and one will be donated to a sponsored child.