WIRED.com writes about a Linux flavour that is trying to woo users who have given up on Windows.

There are myriad Linux distros, from Red Hat and CentOS and Ubuntu to Google Android. Most are typically used on computer servers that run things like websites and other big online applications, and most of the headlines go Android, which has reinvented the world of smartphones and tablets. But Elementary OS is different: It’s intended for desktop PCs, which are still very much the domain of Apple and Microsoft.

Foré says Elementary is trying to attract two groups of desktop users in particular: young developers who are new to open source and want an easy way to get started, and non-technical computer users who are fed up with Windows.

A polished Linux distro can meet the needs of users who have given up on Windows but do not wish to spend on a Mac. With the missteps that Microsoft is making with its Windows releases, now is the time for Linux to catch up.

The latest Mac OS X Mavericks is now free so the only barrier to entry is the cost of a Mac. The more adventurous can go the Hackintosh route by installing OS X on a PC.