Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and HP CEO Meg Whitman took a lot of flak when they asked many staff who were working remotely to come back and work on campus, instead of from the comfort of their own homes.

While there will always be different working styles, Michael Dell doesn’t seem to share the view that all employees should work from the office, which is why he’s planning to have half of his 14,000 employees work from home, which should see a sharp increase in remote workers, instead of the estimated 20% of his workforce which currently works from home.

Saving Dell is a going to be a huge task, and now that Michael Dell is back, it’ll be interesting to see if his initiatives will be able to save the company.

Michael Dell Bucks The Trend: Wants Half Of His Employees To Work From Home

As part of the company’s “2020 Legacy of Good” plan, he wants to get half of his 14,000 employees in Round Rock working from home. Currently about 20% of them do, Dell’s vice president of Corporate Responsibility Trisa Thompson told KVUE’s Shelton Green.