TUAW reports that Target sold a demo iPad unit to on Black Friday and instead of going to Target for an exchange, she contacted a local news agency.

Not only that, according to the original report, the customer noticed that it was a demo unit after inspecting the sticker on the bottom, but instead of simply returning it to Target she decided to call a local news agency. You know, for justice.

This is a simple case of an inventory mistake by Target. This woman chose to blow up the incident and insisted that the iPad belonged to a woman in California.

Crowley made the assumption that this iPad belonged to another real human being. However, she also noted that the label on the box said “demo.”

Media outlets picked up the incident and started spreading sensationalist headlines. CNET’s headline read: “Woman buys ‘new’ iPad Air (full of someone else’s stuff)”

A Google search turned up many news sites that used similar misleading headlines.