The free service isn’t an exact copy of what you get on the desktop, since you’ll only be able to select an artist or playlist and hear a stream of shuffled tracks, instead of actually selecting the tracks that you want. Of course, if you want to have full control of your music, you can always subscribe, which won’t break the bank.

I’ve been hoping for this for a long time now as I’m currently using the free plan from Spotify on my desktop and have been looking to replace the radio station in my car with a Spotify station. Say what you may about Spotify, but the ads are considerably less irritating and less frequent compared to the terrestrial radio channels.

Spotify announces free streaming on Android and iPhone, but only in Shuffle mode

At an event in New York today, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced a free streaming product on Android and iOS smartphones, and also on tablets. “We don’t want to make another radio-type service,” Ek said. “We want to make something that’s really great — that really fits into people’s lives,” said Ek. Thus, the focus for Spotify Free on mobile is a Shuffle feature that lets you pick an artist or playlist and hear a stream of shuffled tracks. In other words, the service isn’t straightforward ad-supported streaming on-demand, but is instead more random, like Spotify’s current Radio feature on mobile for free users.