Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch on Zuli’s Smartplugs that turn your phone into a proximity-based switch for your home appliances.

Zuli’s Smartplugs can detect when you walk into or out of a room, and trigger customized actions based on what you want them to do in either case. That means you could have your computer, desk lamp, space heater and more turn on when you enter your office, for instance, or have everything but the radio turn off when you leave home for the evening. The Zuli Smartplugs also work in tandem with one another, creating a Bluetooth mesh network to let them communicate with each other. A minimum of three outlets is required for accurate location tracking within a home, according to Zuli, but even without that the gadget can still be used to monitor your energy usage and manage smart scheduling and instant control of power outlets.

The is what iBeacons for the home would be like.

Like the idea? The starter kit of a three plug set costs $135 and it will be available if the Kickstarter meets its goal of $150,000.