E27 reported that JD.com launched its supermarket chain to compete with rival Alibaba.

Beyond that 7Fresh will also provide shoppers with the option of having their groceries delivered to their homes within 30 minutes.

This is an extension of the company’s emphasis on their delivery service. JD.com, or Jingdong as we call it in China, leads the Chinese market in terms of delivery speeds and service. Order before 10 am and JD promises same day delivery. Order before 11 pm and they deliver the next day.

And most of the products, with the exception of perishable or sensitive items, you get 7 days return period. Don’t like what you bought? Return it with no questions asked and the delivery guy will come to your doorstep to collect the item. No need to box the item and ship it back yourself.

Walmart delivers groceries in the same day, provided it is not too late in the day, else it would be a delivered the following morning. I’m curious what the delivery terms are for 7Fresh. Walmart delivers within 3 kilometres for orders above RMB 100.

There’s a Hema nearby but I’ve only been there once.