Alex Allegro reported for 9to5Mac that AirPods are the second-best selling Apple product within two years of launch with search rate up 500% year-on-yar.

When comparing between AirPods search interest from December 2016 — the initial month of release — and data from December 2018, Google search rates have skyrocketed a massive ten times over.

Above Avalon explains,
Comparing peak AirPods search interest over the three most recent holiday seasons, the juxtaposition is startling. The following are Google search interest for “AirPods” in the U.S. indexed to 100 (represents maximum search interest):

  • 2016 holiday season: 10 (AirPods search interest was 10% the volume of peak search interest).
  • 2017 holiday season: 20 (100% year-over-growth in search interest)
  • 2018 holiday season: 100 (500% year-over-year growth in search interest)

Everyone I know who has AirPods rave about them. Looking forward to the next generation model.