Elena Cresci reported on how Apple’s AirPods went from mockery to millennial status symbol.

Of all the widely ridiculed tech products, Apple’s AirPods have experienced an extraordinary turnaround. Back in 2016, they were roundly mocked by the tech industry. Tiny wireless earbuds? It seemed like a recipe for disaster – streets would be littered with these lost headphones, which would clutter up city pavements like discarded gloves and babies’ socks.

It is worth noting that such mockery has often been aimed at Apple products. A classic example is the iPhone. People laughed at the lack of a physical keyboard and the pricing. Then there’s the memes about the iPad name sound like sanitary pads. How’s iconic is the iPad brand today?

Those who don’t understand or appreciate the products are quick to make fun of it. In hindsight, the mockery made good publicity and Apple gets the last laugh.