Daring Fireball:

Fiddling with the home screen on iOS is just awful. Whenever I sit down and try to clean it up — deleting apps I don’t use, moving apps into some semblance of order — it drives me insane. The 1984 Finder was awesome for rearranging icons, right on day one. Yet we’re 13 years into iOS and rearranging apps is still terrible, because the whole thing is based on a home screen design where there’s just one screen and no third-party apps. The concept worked fine when all you could do was rearrange 12 built-in apps on a single screen. It feels like a prank trying to use it today.

Having an option to select multiple apps and delete them all at once like photos would be really useful. Granted we won’t use it all the time but it will reduce so much friction.

Also, look at how we get to choose how what apps we want in the Dock on the Mac. What if we choose what we want on the home screen, let those we don’t want organise themselves based on category into folders, and we just search for them via Spotlight? Or just ask Siri to launch the app.