OneDrive on Mac takes up 1 GB


Nick Heer on Pixel Envy:

This is not limited to operating systems, either. Users are disrespected by increasing and surprising bloat in applications. For work, I need to run the Microsoft OneDrive client on one of my Macs, and I was surprised to see that it recently crossed the 1 GB threshold. This is a file syncing utility. For comparison — and you can check this for yourself — it was 70 MB just four years ago.

The only apps I have that are larger than 1 GB are video editing apps, DAWs, Adobe apps, and Microsoft apps.

I’m so glad I ditched OneDrive due to the problems it had with M1 Macs. I just wished we moved away from it earlier. There had been several occasions when we lost data due to OneDrive issues.

Besides taking up so much storage space, it also seems to be doing weird things in the file system. And it brings my internet to a crawl at times when it suddenly decides to sync certain large files.

I recall Matt having issues where his files were perpetually stuck in downloading status. That worsened into constant kernel panic, a problem that has been well-documented. Try searching “OneDrive kernel panic”.

I’m fully committed to iCloud Drive and only use OneDrive via web when absolutely necessary.



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