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  • Gartner: Windows Phone to beat iPhone by 2015 (thanks to Nokia)

    John Gruber shared an amusing claim chowder of the day. Grartner predicted back in 2011: Imagine a world where Windows Phone is more popular than Apple’s iPhone. That may just sound like Steve Ballmer’s fantasy, but a recent Gartner report claims that it may very well happen by 2015, thanks to a boost from Nokia […]

  • Will Microsoft use Windows RT or Android for low end devices?

    Rumors of an Android-powered Nokia phone have been going around for years now, and while there hasn’t been a mass market version of it yet, you can be assured there are at least some Android-powered devices being tested internally by Nokia. There was a loud outcry back when Stephen Elop decided that Nokia would use […]

  • Mint app comes to Windows and Windows Phone

    Business Insider reports that popular finance app Mint is now available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. The biggest difference with this app compared to the Android and iOS alternatives is it takes advantage of a core element within the Windows 8 operating system: Live Tiles, which are app icons that update in real […]

  • Mobile wars: Microsoft predicted to overtake Apple in 3 years

    Not every prediction comes true, but one of the more daring claims has surfaced from a Forbes article. According to the writer, Microsoft will be able to surpass Apple on the mobile scene in 3 years. If that does become a reality, it will be no easy feat as Apple is currently riding high with […]

  • Windows Phone successfully competing with Android for the low end market?

    While Android and iOS devices are constantly fighting for the top end of the market, Windows Phone has slowly and steadily been working the low end of the market. That’s not to say that Android doens’t compete there too. There are countless cheap Android phones that flood the market, and more are being churned out […]

  • Android vs Windows Phone

    Ben Bajarin writes for Techpinions about Android eating the world. There is only one company in the market right now that does not need platform assistance from a third party. That is Apple. Every other hardware company needs a third party to provide them with software to run on their hardware. Microsoft has been this […]

  • Instagram’s differences across mobile platforms

    The differences between Instagram on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Windows Phone has positioned itself as a unique mobile OS with a strikingly different look and navigation features compared to other major platforms. Most apps on Windows Phone look and behave significantly differently than on iOS or Android, and Instagram is no exception. The experience […]

  • Waze joins Instagram on Windows Phone

    Instagram and Waze on the same day? Today is definitely a good day for Windows Phone users. Waze Arrives on Windows Phone! It’s official! After much anticipation, Waze is now available for download on Windows Phone! We are extremely excited to be available on the platform, and look forward to helping many new Wazers outsmart […]

  • Windows Phone finally gets Instagram

    It’s here. Windows Phone users rejoice. Introducing Instagram for Windows Phone Today, we’re excited to bring you Instagram for Windows Phone.

  • Vine finally arrives on Windows Phone

    It’s further confirmation that Windows Phone is finally beginning to mature as a viable alternative to iOS and Android. With an official Instagram just around the corner, Windows Phone users certainly have cause for celebration. Say hello to Vine for Windows Phone