As an owner of the LG WCP-300 wireless charger myself, which I use with my Nexus 4, I must say that I love wireless charging. It’s a feature that is very underrated.

The Nexus Wireless Charger (2013)

The charger itself is stylish enough to keep out when you’re not actually charging something, though the glossy face (with the Nexus logo subtly peeking through) does attract fingerprints like nobody’s business. And as an added bonus, it works through the official Nexus cases as well.

I do disagree with the final sentence of the review, though. As the review itself mentioned, and many people have noticed, the original Nexus wireless orb charger was horrible, so the “Nexus” brand itself doesn’t mean that a product is good.

And it’s way better than the much-maligned Nexus 4 Wireless Charger. You can get Qi-compatible chargers for cheaper, we suppose. But this one says Nexus. So you know it’s good.