Not a bad week for Windows Phone users.

Windows Phone finally gets Instagram
It’s here. Windows Phone users rejoice.

Instagram messaging?
Om Malik predicts that Instagram will be introducing a messaging system as a new feature.

Waze joins Instagram on Windows Phone
Instagram and Waze on the same day? Definitely a good day for Windows Phone users.

Dropbox’s new look on iOS
The new iOS 7-inspired design is gorgeous.

Your typing pattern can be used to identify you
SC Magazine reports that researchers have developed a way to identify users based on the way they type.

Only 25% of Yahoo staff are willing to dogfood Yahoo Mail
If Yahoo Mail is going to be a competitive product again, the Yahoo employees had better start picking it up.

HTC introduces gold-colored HTC One for the masses
This, coupled with the Galaxy S4 gold edition, should silence the mocking of the gold iPhone 5s.

Apple acquires PrimeSense for $360 million
Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet has confirmed that Apple acquired PrimeSense in deal rumoured to be worth $360 million

18 months of research to switch to e-books ended in a disaster