Time reported on [the ridiculous hidden inside Windows 10 TIME](http://time.com/3977862/windows-10-solitaire/).

The newly released Windows 10 features the Solitaire Collection, which includes several variants of the classic card game. However, unlike the version of the game you played at your grandma’s house in the ‘90s, Windows 10 Solitaire comes packed with advertisements. To get rid of the ads and earn some in-game currency (yes, this centuries-old game is borrowing from Candy Crush), users can pay $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year.

When your OS is free, it’s not the product. You’re the product. At least, this is how Microsoft seems to think. Note how Mac OS X is free but it doesn’t try to sell ads to you. That’s giving utmost priority to the user experience.