China’s influence in the Indian Smartphone Market


Shenzhen Blog:

China controls at least 73% of Indian Smartphone Market. 4 out of 5 top selling brands in India are Chinese. The only prominent non-Chinese player in Indian Smartphone Market is Samsung.


3 out of top 5 Chinese Smartphone brands are owned by BBK electronics.

Brands under BBK electronics: Oppo, RealMe, Vivo, Oneplus, and recently it launched Iqoo; another brand that will focus on the Indian market, while RealMe is a sub-brand of Oppo.

Collectively BBK has around 50% of Indian Smartphone Market beating Xioami as the biggest brand in India.

Unsurprisingly, many consumers are still not familiar with BBK Electronics. The company has surpassed Xiaomi with its sub brand strategy.


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