Stage Manager in macOS 13.0 Ventura


John Voorhees:

When Stage Manager is set up and running the way I want, it’s fantastic. The trouble is the ‘set up’ part. The feature is simply too laborious to set up, and some of its interactions are an over-caffeinated mess.

Stage Manager feels awesome and tidies up the clutter on the desktop. As someone who use a ton of app in windowed mode, my desktop has always been cluttered and the solution is to move to an empty desktop space when the need arise, such as when presenting, both online and offline.

However, the limit of just 5 recent apps on the side. I find myself going back to CMD + TAB or just going into Mission Control to find the window I want.

It also also doesn’t work when I try to compare two app windows side by side.

I turned it off after a while because it’s just too jarring to the way I’m used to working.


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