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  • Dropbox on Ventura

    Peter Steinberger: The new Dropbox version for macOS Ventura is absolute garbage. fileproviderd is eating my CPU alive, files are no longer really on disk so QuickLook and some apps fail, etc. How did this ship, even as beta? I ditched Dropbox sometime back after having too many problems with it. I used OneDrive alongside […]

  • Benefits of iCloud in China

    Manton Reece wrote about the Dropbox, iCloud, and GitHub on the iPad. The trend to new iCloud-first apps like Ulysses and Bear is fine. It doesn’t appeal to me, though. I use Ulysses on the Mac because I can sync with Dropbox. There are so many Dropbox-capable iOS text editors that I feel confident using […]

  • Can Dropbox fend off its competitors?

    When Dropbox founder Drew Houston met with Steve Jobs in 2009 to talk about Dropbox, Houston famously shut down Jobs’ approach to buy the file-sharing service. According to a report from Forbes in 2011, Jobs let Houston know that he was making something of a mistake banking on Dropbox’s service to sustain a company, telling […]

  • Dropbox’s new look on iOS

    Dropbox has released a new look for its iOS app.. The new iOS 7-inspired design is gorgeous. The addition of AirDrop support is great news. I hope this marks the start of greater adoption of AirDrop as a way of sharing files on iOS.

  • Dropbox for personal and business play nice

    This finally solves the issue of Dropbox only supporting one account per desktop. It’s a good move and makes it easier for companies to adopt Dropbox and help it continue its push to make traditional file servers redundant. Dropbox’s Big Plan to Turn Everyone Into Its Personal Sales Team Though the engineering behind the new […]