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  • Why is video quality on Instagram and Snapchat so much worse on Android than iOS?

    Android Central: It’s the case of one versus many again. When you add hundreds of different phones with hundreds of different cameras and hundreds of different screen sizes and resolutions, it can seem impossible. With Android, that’s what you have. Developers have a particular set of rules and instructions about how to use the camera […]

  • Snapchat introduces a big change with a small tweak

    TechCrunch reports on Snapchat’s new feature that allows replays of its disappearing messages. My least favorite part of Snapchat is mistakenly opening a video Snap when I can’t hear it, like in a noisy public place or when my sound is off. Snapchat tried to address that today with an experimental new Replay feature that […]

  • Snapchat for text messaging

    It’s often said that Snapchat is a popular tool for sexting, but regardless of whether you agree with that or not, there is no doubt that Snapchat is popular. The next question people should ask is “what about text messaging?” After the Edward Snowden leaks, there has been increased interest in private messaging, but as […]

  • Snapchat snags Instagram business lead as its COO

    If turning down the previous acquisition offers of $3 billion (or $4 billion, depending on the source) didn’t convince you that Snapchat is becoming a force to be reckoned with, this next move will. It wasn’t too long ago that Emily White moved from Facebook to Instagram, and now she’s heading over to Snapchat to […]

  • Now trending: $4 billion

    With Snapchat reportedly turning down acquisition offers in the $4 billion range, it now feels that Facebook and Google got a pretty sweet deal to purchase Instagram and Waze for approximately $1 billion apiece. Will the next wave of acquisitions start from $4 billion? Is $4 Billion the New $1 Billion? Snapchat says its users […]

  • Why did Snapchat turn down three billion dollars?

    Let’s not forget that Instagram was sold for “only” a billion dollars or so. So would would Snapchat turn down three times that amount? Why did Snapchat turn down three billion dollars? One of Snapchat’s investors, Institutional Venture Partners, is quite explicit that it invested in a zero-revenue company because its “growth and engagement metrics […]

  • HDmessaging helps carriers fight back against free messaging apps

    SMS, and the associated revenue that carriers derive from it, is facing a serious onslaught from free mobile messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and even Snapchat. Now HDmessaging is offering a white-label solution for carriers to fight back. HDmessaging rides messaging wave to $3M funding round HDmessaging might have one of the […]